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Spiritual Competence: what does it mean to fully grow followers of Jesus Christ?

Posted on: November 12th, 2011 in Competence - No Comments

Most workers in youth ministry and parents have a tacit understanding of what they want youth to know/believe/experience/do before they leave youth ministry.  However, many leaders and parents lack a clear definition of discipleship, and this lack of clarity may hinder efforts to guide youth toward being full-blown Disciples of Christ.

The Bible tells us about three key aspects of this important topic:

  • Dimensions of Discipleship (What knowledge, experience, and relationships are essential?)
  • The Process of Discipleship (How does one become a disciple?)

Help your Teen Daughter Develop a Healthy Body Image

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“I’m fat!” “I’m ugly!” “I have nothing to wear that doesn’t make me look gross!”

Despite all your pep talks and positive reinforcement, you can’t seem to get through to your daughter. She’s unhappy with her appearance and convinced that everyone else is looking at her with judgment. You’re sad that she’s so one, too focused on her physical appearance and second, doesn’t appreciate her unique beauty. How do you help your daughter develop a healthy body image?

How To Instill Confidence in Your Teen

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When teens have confidence they believe that they have the ability to succeed and perform well academically, socially, and in those areas of life important to them.  What can you do as a parent to instill confidence in your teen?

Start by having a conversation with your teen about being a leader of his or her life and not a follower.  Teens are bombarded by influences from friends, the media and social networks and having a conversation can go a long way toward helping keep their self-esteem intact.  One parent was concerned about her daughter’s development and confidence and asked a child psychologist the following questions.

The Heart of a Humble Parent

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Do you ever talk to your children about your failings? About your sometimes unenlightened decisions? I was raised with a distorted view that life is just something that happens to you, and not a reality that is formed, in part, by your everyday decisions.

When you don’t evaluate the impact your decisions have on your life, you are lacking a skill that your children will never learn other than by example.

When you make a decision that negatively affects your life or the lives of others, be the first to admit it. Admit your mistake and resolve to handle any resulting consequences of your actions.

Sensitizing Your Teen

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Community is what enables us to think beyond ourselves and have a sense of social justice.  Most of the time when we speak of someone who is kind, who listens, who always seems to know the right thing to say, who seems genuinely interested in us and with whom we feel at home, we are describing a person who understands community.