Cory (19)

Posted on: November 18th, 2011 in Missions - No Comments
W D Tyree Ministries is about nurturing, challenging and developing confidence, compassion, competence, community and character.  I can truly say that I am definitely more confident in myself and God working through me.  My compassion for others to make a difference with my life has become my number one desire in life. In competence, I now have the ability to perform specific tasks well, including ministering to peers and influencing them for good.  I have reached out to those around me in trying to build them up and to assist them in their spiritual journey to contribute to the community of faith.  My character has been strengthened as I have drawn closer to the Lord.  I am less concerned about what others say and think about me and more concerned with Christ’s approval regardless of where I am.  I can truly say that my experience with W D Tyree Ministries has been a lifelong investment resulting in positive contribution as an adult and a believer.

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