Ways To Deal With Aggressive Teens

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Children are a product of their environment and teenagers are no exception. If they are subject to a hostile living environment where profanity is being used, shouting is always the way of communication or if there are issues of violence; then the teen is learning that these are the appropriate ways to deal with aggression.

This may not be the case in every situation. It could also be the teen is going through a rebellious phase.
There is a difference between anger and aggression. Anger is being upset and aggression is acting out violently. The most important thing that needs to be done is finding out the root to the problem and why the teen has so much aggression. Fear, guilt, betrayal, insecurity, deep rooted anger or a chemical imbalance are a few reasons for the aggressive behavior.

In the heat of the moment it is counterproductive to address the aggressive behavior that the teen is displaying. Once it deems impossible to resolve this matter among the two of you then soliciting outside help could be the solution. The teen may be more comfortable speaking openly and honestly to a school counselor, therapist or any other nonbiased person.

Aggression can be triggered by a variety of things and it is important to sit with your teen and discuss these issues that trigger their aggression. While having this discussion you may find out things you never knew and because they have been harboring these feelings the result often results in aggressive behavior.

The teen may have authority issues which would explain why they become aggressive when told to do something. While this is a great starting point, the teen needs to understand that being told what to do is a part of life and it does not stop during adulthood and this type of behavior warrants consequences.

A physical outlet such as a Tae Kwon Do class could prove to be very helpful in these situations. It will provide the teen an alternative outlet to relieve built up aggression in a controlled environment. This could also teach the teen respect and discipline. Of course, simply taking a martial arts class is not going to solve all your teen’s problems but it is a start in right direction. Nothing is ever guaranteed but, remember if you keep doing what you have been doing the end result will remain the same.

Written by Aurelia Williams

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