Stephen (15)

Posted on: November 12th, 2011 in Character - No Comments

I learned what character means through my experience with W D Tyree Ministries.  My group was asked to spend a week doing missions but without any electronic distractions – no cell phones, ipods, DVD players, etc.  I did not like the idea but thought it would be ok since no other group participating in this mission opportunity would have electronic devices.  What our group soon realized was that out of the 400 teens participating in missions, our group was the only group that had these electronic restrictions imposed.  Why?  Was our group leader being mean?  No, he was testing our character.  He was helping me discover “why” I do what I do.  Sadly enough, I disappointed my group leader, my group, but most of all myself.  I have learned that being trustworthy is more important than getting away with doing something wrong.

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