Confidence: What is it?

Posted on: October 9th, 2011 in Confidence - No Comments

Confidence as defined here is the perception that you can achieve desired goals through your actions. A confident teen believes that he or she has the ability to succeed and perform well academically, socially, and in those areas of life important to him or her.

As a teenager, you learn confidence when the adults in your life instill and enhance your sense of self-determination, independent thinking, and self-esteem. Whereas competence is about what you can do, confidence is about what you believe you can do. Confidence is expressed differently at different ages. Although some of the characteristics of confidence remain the same throughout the adolescence, others evolve as you mature and acquire new roles, responsibilities, and interests. You may not feel confident because you don’t perceive yourself to be good at anything. However, confidence is more than a feeling. Confidence is knowing that you are valued and loved. It’s knowing that you are significant whether you live in the city or country, whatever your economic status, gender, religion, or ethnic heritage. Your life matters to God and Christ dying for you is proof. Jesus’ death on the cross proves that you are valuable, acceptable, lovable, useful, forgivable, and confident because you were worth dying for. Yes, you can be confident. How? By assuming personal responsibility for your life. You cannot change the circumstances or the situations but you can change yourself. According to Philippians 1:6, God wants to start a great work in you and keep at it so that He might use you to make a difference.

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