Kayla (14)

Posted on: November 12th, 2011 in Competence - No Comments
Living with, and growing up as the only child of, my mother provided me with little opportunity to do yard work.  As a member of a team doing a beautification project with W D Tyree Ministries, I found myself having to learn to rake leaves, operate a blower, and pressure wash the walkway of a school campus.  I did not have confidence in my ability to do these things because I had never done them before.  My upper body strength is not that great.  My team member sometimes lost patience with me but when I was coached by the group leader, I realized that my confidence was directly related to my competence.  I was taught the proper technique for raking, operating the blower, and use of the pressure washer.  I discovered that my skill was as good as the rest of the group even though I was a little slower.  I guess you could say this opportunity provided my by W D Tyree Ministries help my competence in physical challenges.

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